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ITT: We discuss sleep. Do you think we'll be able to perform our daily tasks efficiently without sleep in the future? etc…



People need to sleep to find new tasks in the morning. Seeing problems is also a creative activity, so one has to be creative to solve task. Sleep boosts this factor and adds some time to settle down and think about things.

A progressive society without sleep is possible, but people would probably die in young ages, so medicine has to find their way of manipulation to enable us doing stuff around the clock.


There was some research on this topic
Military used modafinil to see if people would preform normally.
Small doses(about 5 grams if I remember correctly) administrated every 8 hours helped soldiers to stay awake and ready for 5 days.
I can't seem to find the original source, but if there is an idea, the military is first to test it.


We could alternate sleeping in different brain hemispheres like dolphins, but it'd cost our ability to do stuff that needs both hemispheres awake at the same time, unless we also do something to have our brain larger and more divided.


>We could alternate sleeping in different brain hemispheres like dolphins
citation required


I was more interested in "we could", but I guess you are just proposing it as part of sci-fi idea.


Yeah, it's something I figure better genetic engineering could make later.


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of course, and its just a matter of time. Perfect optimization of the human hardware and software is inminent, obvious, and even trivial.


ps you can buy modafinil online


please read manhole 69 by J.G Ballard. It might be relevent here.