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Nothing that I can dream of can possibly scare me except the giant crawling spiders I dream about sometimes, whats even worst is when I wake up and cannot move but still feel them crawling around my body under the sheets. Sleep paralysis is the worst feeling you'll ever feel.


I was always interested in sleep paralysis, because it occurred so rarely to me, that I barely remember the sensation.

As a hobby dream oneiromancer I assume you have some issues with women or see yourself targeted by envy. Anyways do you fear real spiders too? I mean, do you panic at their presence?


I don't have issues with women I have a girlfriend and I wouldn't say I'm envied or envious I do have a real fear of spiders.


Can't you dream of yourself defending against spiders à la Starship Troopers?

All the times I have felt like I have been experiencing sleep paralysis, it felt (sounded, rather) exactly like warp drive in EVE Online.


Haha, sorry man. I guess my remark was offending.


Oh fuarrrk I would probably shoot that thing with a shotgun.

sage b/c useless


The other day I had a dream in which I was talking with my grandfather, and when we stop talking, I started to feel something outside my window, I slowly moved to see what it was, and as soon as I got my eyes out of the window, 15+ spiders jumped on my face, and I woke up with my heart racing. I hate those damned things, and there's a lot of them where I live.

I hadn't had a nightmare in a while, stress probably.


welp, last night I dreamed of my teeth falling out, was in panic mode at first, but later was like "meh, teeth fall out inevitably and wen't my way…"
Don't know what to make of it…
maybe that whenever I sleep, I am aware enough not to be bothered by it, since my personality is usually lethargic and stoic


My teeth are falling out in dreams often. I read this is nothing unusual and accepted it as a general sign of fear for health problems or aging.


goddamn it OP I'm arachnophobic


my nightmares are weird, there's usually just creepy music or disturbing sounds playing. Nothing like a jump scare or otherwise - usually.

or they aren't scary just really stressful like everything is bad and I don't want to be here any more. waking up is refreshing when that happens
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I know that feel OP. I every once in a while will be having a perfectly normal dream then bam surrounded by spiders/crawled on by spiders. It fuarrrking sucks every time I wake up I get the same fuarrrking feelings and cannot fuarrrking fall back to sleep for fear of there being another fuarrrking spider dream to ruin my night.


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I don't remember having nightmares involving spiders, but a big part of my sleep hallucinations are about waking up with "knowing" a spider, a bee or any kind of big insects is craaaawliiiiiiing in my sheeeeets, this woooorm seems fuarrrking reaaaaaaaal


Giant ones in the sky, huge ones in my room the size of a cat and just as agile, hundreds of tiny ones crawling on me… I have had every spider dream imaginable. One time I thought I was wide awake looking around my room when a spider floated out in midair in front of me. I slapped it away and shouted, bolting upright in bed before I realized it was a dream. I think maybe I was half awake that time and my eyes were open because the details of my room were complete when the spider appeared.

I don't experience the paralysis thing but sometimes I wake up and can still feel them. I thought maybe my skin was just itchy and my dream mind translated this to "spiders".


buy 20 rubber spiders and place them around your living space.
On your desk, on your monitor, on your head, on your dog.

Eventually spiders will just be a funny joke.


did you do this?


A feature in my nightmares is this high pitched shriek, like a train grinding to a half in one ear while someone screams into the other


Oh hell, I know that feel too well.

I've also hallucinated insects when half asleep when I was a kid.


Back when I was a kid I used to have nightmares about petroleum.

Like, falling and drowning in a tank of petroleum, or showering and the water suddenly turned into oil.


I'm scared as soykaf of spiders but never dream about them. What usually happens is I'll be seconds away from falling asleep and thing about a huge tarantula and wake up and not be able to fall asleep.

I don't have recurring nightmares, the one thing that is recurrent is that when they happen, they're pretty much movie tier.


I remember when I was younger, I'd sometimes have dreams where I vomited up spiders.

I still have no idea what the meant and I've never had them since.


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Get over your sissy fear of spiders and watch this problem melt away.