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get help and help other lainons.

as for op, I have been extremely unproductive for a good year of my life. As much as I imagine doing more, I have not.

also requesting info-graphics


I realized that it is of high importance to have stepwise ordered goals with specific measurable progress: At least one for the day, one for the week, one for several months.

Say you would want to learn lucid dreaming. Your daily is the preparation before going to bed and keeping your journal in the morning. The weekly goal could be to increase the average number of dreams recalled up to two. The long time goal is of course the lucid dream and it is the reward in itself.

In addition you could try the Eisenhower matrix, a method to organize your tasks.

important | not important
+ urgent | + urgent

important | not important
+ not urgent | + not urgent

strategy for good self management:

do now | do next

do last | do not


Eisenhower, yes. Op, i found that being productive or not is a hard thing to accurately measure.
My life hack: once every year write down "next year id like to..."
There put your goals, whatever you would like to be going on in you next year. And every year, read the previous one.


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