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Not sure if this is /zzz/ but does anyone here practice polyphastic sleep? I heard that you have very frequent lucid dreams if you do it.


Going to sleep, waking up, and going back to sleep again is the WILD induction techinque, so there may be some merit to this idea.

It would be interesting if polyphasic sleep patterns are what gave those ancient geniuses who never slept their ability to dream up their discoveries in their heads before waking up and putting pen to paper.

I wonder if there is a polyphasic sleep pattern that could do this, but would have minimal impact on your waking life (I'm not taking a 20min nap at my work desk).

Someone should really try this.


Doing triphasic now, lucid dreams confirmed.


I do biphasic or "segmented" sleep when I have the time. It's how most humans slept before the industrial revolution and is arguably the most natural sleeping pattern.
Maybe that's what you're looking for? You get about one or two hours of calm, meditative reflection in the middle of the night.


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I've been considering pic related as a sleep schedule, but considering i'm drowsy after 6 hours I'm not sure how it'll work


It's wracking. At least, if you try to spare time. You're gonna walk around zombie-like, having itchy eyes.


I tried segmented sleep.

fuarrrked me up bad did 4 hours sleep 2 hours up 4 hours sleep.


This anon here. I tried segmented sleep instead and it actually worked pretty well for me. Gonna try other schedules and see how they work


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I do.

I've been sleeping four hours every night and one hour during the day, each one lasting 20 minutes since January.

I don't even need an alarm clock now, I do recomend.


that uberman one made me laugh


It works though, i have a sysadmin friend whose doing it.
Still not doable for most people with a job though.


really? I had heard its effects were no different from that of sleep deprivation


I'm not that lainon, but you're supposed to feel like a zombie for a couple weeks, but that makes you fall asleep almost inmediately after you lay down for your naps and your brain starts entering REM earlier, so you start getting a lot of rest from the small naps.


uh huh
sounds very unhealthy
are there any studies showing its effectiveness?


I don't know of any, actually it looks like it's been thrown soykaf at, but I've seen some blogs of people documenting the experience.


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The main problem is that... There are not a lot of studies on sleep deprivation, potential long-term effects. There is also almost no real studies done on polyphasic sleep.

A main issue I see this that a lot of scientists look at this and go "Yeah. That's obviously bullsoykaf. Too good to be true, etc." but won't actually look into it. (perhaps lack of interest?)

However, because there is little to no studies done on it, people are experimenting on themselves. Which is..good, but it's hard to prove or have conclusive data on it... I mean, it /is/ a blog.

I'm actually going to be starting up a study on myself..But honestly, it's not going to help out very much. My girlfriend (studying neuroscience) will be taking notes of my reactions and cognitive function. BUT this is one person being studied...and it's more for myself than anything else.

Also, to answer OP: Yes I am interested. super bump.


I don't. I don't see why I would want to spend less time sleeping. Sleeping is the best part of my life.