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Has anyone used their lucid dreaming for something productive? As in not sex?

For instance, there are studies that say some professional athletes use lucid dreaming to practice movements, or claims that you can use lucid dreams to practice speeches, etc.

Having had only a few lucid dreams, I find this difficult to understand… although I was aware, and somewhat in control, I felt like my mind was racing to do something… anything… before I inevitably woke up. I wasn't thinking clearly.


Same here. It's just too easy to lose consciousness again, one is in a rush to do things.

This could be connected to the dissociated status you have during a lucid dream. You have full control over your body, yet you wont have to fear pain or death, what enables you to do risky or even impossible things, making even the prospect exciting. Thus you feel the urge to do something worthwhile with your spare time, a lesson we can learn from.


A guy I knew a long time ago would dream in computer code, and often it would be a problem he was working on which he would then solve in the dream. He'd wake up and go to his deck and complete the code as he had dreamed it.

Not me, as soon as I realize I'm lucid I start to fly like Superman. Nothing is better in this reality or that one.


Over time and some lucid dreaming i found out people react, irl, similarly to how they react in my dreams.
This helped me overcome some social fears like talking to a certain boss or girl you like.


I've had an omen in a dream that helped me avoid a situation I already knew would hurt my life experience. It featured my teeth getting crushed and splintered. I interpreted it as a warning telling me to avoid accepting a certain job offer as it would crush my hopes and dreams. I did so and have now unlocked many obvious secrets that I simply did not see before, which have vastly improved my life experience.


i never did this but my theory is that being lucid inside a dream is like reaching the highest state of meditation possible, where you can change your state of mind and world around you with little to no effort.. so i guess make yourself god? get all your chakras ligned up and soykaf idk its kinda the perfect opportunity for manifestation in an astral level imo