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Hey /zzz/ I lucid dream a fair amount without forcing myself to or training to - it just kinda happens naturally to me every now and again.

I usually don't do much with it - usually only semi-lucid I guess - but sometimes I have a fair amount of agency and I can manipulate the world and defy gravity and know that it's all a dream and still stay interpolated etc.

So, I was having a dream that involved a girl I like and it went lucid so I tried to do a lucid sex dream - holy soykaf worst idea ever. I don't know why because I knew it was a dream but dude it felt like I was mind-controlling her, I couldn't do it. It was horrible.

So yeah, tl;dr - lucid dreaming + trying to control other people = weird experience. I woke up feeling pretty shaken with myself.

Anyone else had anything similar?

Pic unrelated.


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Sound similar to my experiences.

I lucid dream most every night. Usually involves grills, shooting things or space exploration.

But when I'm with a girl in my dream it's all consensual and all that, if you could call it consensual in a dream. But foreplay is fine, as soon as I go to put penor in vajayjay I freeze, I can't move or do anything, just think.


Lately, whenever I fuarrrk a girl in lucid dream I become so self conscious that I know on some level that the girl I am fuarrrking is "me" so after a while, while I am fuarrrking her, she looks at me with cold dead face, just staring at me while I fuarrrk her.
That usually scares me enough to wake me up.


Thankfully enough i had never had a similar experience, but it feels kinda odd when the girl in the dream does not want to sex you and you convince/force her to do it.
Perhaps you have some unresolved stuff with your social anxiety?


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Everything and everyone in your dreams are your subconscious superconcious is more appropriate but whatever mind communicating with you. If you can lucid dream it is best to communicate back rather that try controlling it, it has tremendous power and insulting it could end badly. If you work with it you could fuse with it and become capable of incredible mental power.


I hate to read posts like this, because the very same might happen to me in the future.


I rarely have lucid or semi-lucid dreams. If they ever happen, it's more of a "ok I'm dreaming" thing, and I can't really control anything, just be aware that it's a dream. I think I had a nearly fully lucid dream once, and only once. That time I got overwhelmed with possibilties and things to do. I played around with the world for a short time, got too excited and woke up.

Sometimes I sex in dreams, but not very often. That's when I get aware of the dream, because sex is something that can only happen to me in a dream, but also something that my dreaming mind can recognize (I guess all the other abstract things are "unrecognizable" because they happen for the first time, while sex is a recurring theme). Being aware actually makes it unpleasant, because it also means that I'm aware that I'll wake up with cum in my pantsu, something very annoying. But I can't stop the dream or reciprocating because I still have no influence on the dream. The climax itself feels good, much better than fapping irl, but not worth the sticky situation afterwards.


>>851 try rape next time
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