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Hey, I'd just like to add a few things to the sticky that helped me to dream, get lucid and stay lucid when I feel I am waking up. So here's my practical guide to LD!

First, to dream: I found that doing something slightly physical outside during the day helps a lot and results in vivid and longer dreams. Taking a 2 hour walk in the afternoon seems to work best in my case.

Then, to get lucid: Apparently, looking at yourself in a mirror or anything reflective in a dream can make you feel really uneasy. I don't know if it works for everyone but I read it in various guides so it's probably not uncommon. Feeling afraid lets you know that you are in a dream. I took the habit to look at my reflection every time I can when I am awake. This made looking at reflective surfaces become a reflex and worked really well to instinctively do it in dreams too.

Finally, as soon as you start freaking out after looking at your reflection you become lucid but the fear might wake you up. Some anon on 4chan posted that spinning is a good way to keep dreaming when this happens or when you feel that you start waking up later on, and it does work really well! I used to have a lot of trouble to keep dreaming in a lucid state but this technique made it really easy. Looking at my feet while doing so sometimes allows me to even modify the environment around me; something that I find extremely hard to do in other circumstances.

Also some advice to beginners: don't give up if you can't stay in your dream even when using the spinning technique during your first few lucid dreams. Keep doing it and your dreams will last longer.
Oh and don't worry if you don't do what you planned to do in the first place. I started LD to see my waifu but during my first experiences I ended up flying and doing other awesome things like punching people through walls at Mach speed in a semi-controlled way. Being able to do exactly what you want to do takes some practice and experience.

You can use this thread to add your own techniques if you have something that works really well.


> I don't know if it works for everyone but I read it in various guides so it's probably not uncommon.

I often got lucid about my dream state while looking at me in the mirror, but I think it's more because I was spitting my teeth in front of it rather than actually looking at it. I'll try to look at how many time it happened.


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Basically what I use to do was simply lie flat with my arms by my sides. Don't scratch, sniffle, anything. Just breathe and imagine my mind as a white canvas.

Eventually my mind is still awake but my body is dead to the world, numb and impossible to move without waking up at the normal time in the morning.

I then proceed to lucid dream for the next 9-11 hours. It's so surreal, not the fact that I am lucid dreaming but the fact that I lucid dream EVERY night. I feel like I am awake ALL the time but my body and mind are still rested.

After years of doing this every night I can now just lay however I want and still lucid dream. The only time I haven't was when I got blind drunk and passed out.



So you (very successfully) use the WILD technique described by Stephen Laberge. That's awesome. The only time I managed to do this, I almost freaked out when my body got paralysed and lost it when my mind, or at least what I saw, was nothing but blackness.


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Pretty much how it felt the first time, I freaked a little, my chest felt heavy and I was scared that I couldn't move, my body being paralysed but my mind buzzing with activity.

I actually got told this technique by a friend in high school, telling me I could "fuarrrk chicks in my dreams, it's so fuarrrking cool." That I did.

On the first time your description is pretty well how it is. Just blackness. Like when you close your eyes and just stare into the darkness.

However, I wanted to try again. So I did and this time when I felt that I was paralysed I simply started thinking random thoughts, mostly about sex…. But it worked, I just focused on those thoughts and not moving a muscle.

It's a strange feeling, like you are completely immobilised but could spring out of bed at any moment, you can almost feel the electrical impulses as you try to send them to your limbs to try and move them.

But all in all I just thought about something, and images started popping into my head, women, men. Sex. I awoke and felt as though I had just had the most wonderful, intimate sex imaginable.


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The problem I'm having with WILD is that I'm either too awake and get stuck in the paralyzed state or I'm too tired and just instantly pass out.

I've been trying to test FILD and DEILD but they feel really tedious and my weird sleeping schedules pretty much voids them. I keep waking up at terrible hours. Granted, I've only attempted them a handful of times.

I haven't really had lucids in a while, but starting a dream journal helped as it does improve recall and subsequently your ability to detect dream clues I'd guess. Also, what I've found to help keep a grip on your lucidity is to look at your hands and rub them together.


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That's weird, I've never kept a dream journal or anything. Maybe I just have a thing for it? It could be too that I never actually get tired unless I do an all nighter or go for a run…

To start with I knew I could control my mind, but was asleep, but could only muster images. Simple actions, sometimes I couldn't fully control myself. I would try to take steps forward but couldn't. Would have been nice to know about the hand rubbing then. It makes me feel helpless when I can't do something in a dream on those rare occasions I get to a part of a dream and can't control it.

And I have never heard of FILD, DEILD or WILD before you posted >>956 or Stephen Laberge for that matter. I'm guessing he's some sort or neural scientist or some kind of hippy nut?

The thing is though it takes some practice, maybe 2-3 weeks worth of practicing this to become fully lucid. What I found that helped me sometimes was that when you just at the cusp of being paralysed, and it feels as though you are about to drift into sleep, open your eyes for a split second and close them. Don't focus on anything in the room, just open and close.


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The first time I tried this I got bored and the itching annoyed me so I stopped.
Tried two more times in the next days but couldn't handle the itching, I get this random itching for no reason when I'm trying not to scratch, to the point where, for example, my leg starts shaking because it itches too much and I'm not scratching it.
But the next day I threw myself in bed to take a nap and had a lucid dream, my first.
I was walking on a bridge and people were walking there too, in the opposite direction. I realized this could be a dream so I successfully tried to fly, flew above a poor-ish neighborhood thinking "fuarrrk yes I'm lucid dreaming" but woke up when I got curious about the people beneath me and tried to talk to one of them.

>for the next 9-11 hours

Do they feel like 11 hours in the dream, too?

>I keep waking up at terrible hours. Granted, I've only attempted them a handful of times.
Can't one go from lucid to normal sleep without waking up?


this thread is interesting. i usually sleep really little but i may try lucid dreaming, maybe then i can finally be rested AND have fun in the night


hmm. i made my arms heavy but couldnt really fall asleep

any tips?

also my brain is absolute ass at visually rendering stuff like faces maybe that's the problem

i can hardly lucid dream if there's nothing to see


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>open your eyes for a split second and close them
Definitely going to try that. So I suppose you just go to bed tired and then do that WILD thing?

I know that feel, it's really annoying when you finally have a lucid but get too excited and wake up.

>Can't one go from lucid to normal sleep without waking up?

Of course. I almost always lose my lucidness after a while, I'm not too good at all this stuff yet.

What I meant is that FILD/DEILD basically require you to wake up after 4-6 hours or something and depending on which you're trying, either stay awake for a while or start moving your fingers and then drift back into sleep, this time hopefully lucid. When I wake up to my alarm I'm always so tired there's no way I could physically even stay up or recall what I was supposed to do through all the haziness.

Also, nice repeating digits.

>my brain is absolute ass at visually rendering stuff like faces maybe that's the problem
You do have dreams right? I used to think my visualizing was horsesoykaf because I kind of misinterpreted the whole thing. I don't know how to explain it really. Like, if I try to recall a face, I get a vague feel of it. I don't see anything. I have no idea how to put it into words.

What has helped me a lot with visualizing is drawing. After doing a few (poorly done) studies of faces my mind just kept going on about how a face is constructed. So, Tetris effect I guess. What I'm saying is that when learning to draw something it trains you to see and understand how it's built. I actually saw a face quite clearly in one of my dreams after starting to draw.

Reading helps a lot too. And I'd guess daydreaming also.


And it'll probably take many tries before you can successfully have a lucid dream. I'd recommend exercising if you already don't. Aside from the obvious benefits it'll improve your quality of sleep.


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jammit, meant that first reply for >>962


>it's really annoying when you finally have a lucid but get too excited and wake up.
Reading this http://www.dreamviews.com/induction-methods-techniques/143366-wild-wake-initiated-lucid-dream.html
I found I made a couple errors.
>not scratching
Turns out you can.
>just flying into the dream
Should've tried touching the ground, feeling the temperature or just looked around instead.
>putting my arms on the sides like the other anon
I'm comfortable like that, but it wasn't required.
>What I meant is that FILD/DEILD basically require you to wake up after 4-6 hours
I don't sleep more than that in a row. Anyway, I'm trying WILD.
>When I wake up to my alarm
I made myself an alarm tone that's some held note, with increasing volume so it doesn't rip me from sleep. I wake up a lot fresher.

Also started a dream journal, turns out I dream a lot of sad stuff mixed with boring things.
>growing a beard
>forgetting my phone charger
>best friend kills himself
>urbex in a mall at night, witnessing a murder and escaping
>stupid movie plot about a katana-wielding drug dealer


>I have no idea how to put it into words.
you put it into words very clearly, thanks a lot for the tip. i do dream SOMETIMES yes, will get a job during summer and try to tetris effect my mind into visualizing stuff attractive women

yeah figures. thanks for making these interesting by the way, i had no idea lucid dreaming was such a thing :D


>9-11 hours
according to Inception those should feel like a week's time in the dream


Do you guys always remember your lucid dreams?
Because I have a half-remembered one but I thougt I wasn't supposed to forget them like I forget most normal dreams.

I suspect it might've been a non-lucid dream in which I was having a lucid dream. I fell asleep hoping to have a lucid dream that night and, as dreams are representations of our desires, fears, etc, it could be the case that I dreamed a fake lucid dream because I wanted to have one. Yep, I've been reading some Freud. Couldn't find anything by him about lucid dreams, though.
Once I had a semi-lucid dream. I was doing dream stuff and in a moment I started to fly a meter above the sidewalk because it's funnier and a bit faster than walking. I was flying in public and in order to fly I have to do some movements that look like I'm swiming, so I thought that I could encounter someone I knew and look ridiculous, but I didn't care because, in that case, I could explain them that I was dreaming. I knew I was dreaming but it didn't become a lucid dream.


Just had two lucids last night.
Two times I realised I was in a dream.
I'm learning to waste less of them every time, and getting increasingly concerned about my dream people. In one of the dreams someone was chasing me so I made something explode so stop him, and didn't think of the injured dream people. I guess I'm not really that lucid in dreams, it was a stupid move.