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And how do you handle the thought that your body might outside this world?


I've read about this before. It's called "Matrix syndrome" or something like that.


A long time ago I had that feel.

It started after having few lucid dreams on a row, I was wondering which reality was the reality.
I really had troubles about that when I read an article about Planks time and length, proving that we're on a finished universe with a finished resolution, a common characteristic of simulated universes.

Eventually I decided to not care if I'm on the good reality or just dreaming, I always act like the reality I am in is the only one.

This prevents me from killing myself to reach a supposed "upper" reality, like that woman on Inception.


I don't feel trapped, but even if we are trapped, so what? I think this reality isn't bad, and even if we live in a false universe, it doesn't matter if we don't know it.


no, I've always seen this reality different from dreams. but I always believed the world I saw was the world I knew, so I don't really deal with that thought - it would be cool to wake up that outer body but that will come in time


dont know
since i spent much time in the wired
i feel like i life in different universes
but i dont feel traped


I used to think that the consistency of this reality indicated its authenticity, but actually it only seems consistent because of familiarity.
The deeper humans dig in whatever field, the weirder things get. The rules of physics and the way peoples' brains operate are both fundamentally strange.


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i dont believe in an objective reality
i just believe in lain


Could you link to that article or at least sum it up?


I remember one time having an existential freak out as kid, being all what is this? How do we know its real!? My parents probably thought I was crazy, or over excited about something. This probably came around the time I took a blow to the head.


Suppose our reality is simulated and suppose our real physical bodies lay in a greater simulator universe.
Does it change your role here? I feel invigorated, with a sense of freedom. I am free to live this life not worrying about glory or eternity, as my domain ends with my death. The limitations and rules of this particular simulated universe are just a set of indications for us to play with.


"Continuing experiments into the phenomena of inter-dimensional fatigue shows immense promise. We will soon be able to leave behind the 3D world and return to the 2D heaven where we belong. How many have died. How many dead dreams... but at last, we will find joy. We will live again."