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Anyone else find a dream hilarious while asleep, and then wake up laughing? This happened to me multiple times this week, but it's never happened before.

The weird thing is, what my dream brain finds funny seems completely different from what my normal brain does. Last night I woke up laughing because of a black girl writing some word on a chalkboard. After I woke up, I took some time to try and explain to myself exactly why it was funny (I remembered more at the time), but it was really difficult. But I could still laugh at it after I woke up even though I only had a vague impression of why it was funny. Wish I had written down something as I would have remembered more.


Happened to me once or twice. A good day ensured every time.


Me again. I had a dream today about dreaming and waking up laughing (in the first-level dream).
soykaf's getting serious.


This happened to me recently. I don't remember the exact thing somebody said on tv but it was something like "It tastes very adult, you know like fine wine and economics." Woke myself up i laughed so hard.


I just had this happen to me. I took a shortish nap and the dream was hazy but I could still remember it. I learned to speak Hindi by using a weird spinning occult thing. Then I impregnated some chick and we were laughing during it for some reason.


This has never happened to me. Is that a weird thing?


not sure. It hasn't happened to me but I have woke up with feelimgs carried over from my dreams


Holy soykaf one of the best dreams I had was fuarrrking hilarious.
>me and a bunch of people from my high school are sitting around in the cafeteria
>there are bonfires everywhere and everyone is just dicking around hanging out
>me and my close friends are sitting in a circle talking to each other
>my best friend walks up
>he looks pissed off and he also has some brown soykaf that looks like chocolate pudding all over his mouth
>I ask him "What's that stuff on your face?"
>he angrily says "My wife!"
>wake up immediately afterwards and laugh my ass off


What's worse is when a dream feels so deep, philosophical, and life changing and you then awake to realize all that happened was Jesus being compared to a lamp...


I woke up after a dream (I can't remember what it was about) and laughed hysterically for a few minutes. It's only ever happened once.


You discovered that all of life and reality was a mere joke. A hilarious joke, too.


With that, you must be prepared to accept that you're whole existence is a mere joke. Are you?


Today I woke up crying.
But the other day I laughed in-dream, I found it weird, like my subconscious told me a joke.


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You probably saw your dick in that dream


Yeah, this has happened to me a few times. I love it. It's even better because the thing I'm laughing about is never actually funny at all. The last time I remember it happening I was literally just laughing about a stapler. I don't know why.

I've also woken up crying too. I think both things are pretty normal.


Here's a dream I found quite amusing when I woke up:

>A little kid gets on one of those plastic toy cars you can ride on

>The car is suddenly disturbed in a weird way. Now the car is wobbling back and forth, wobbling the baby with it. But the baby stays on.
>Someone in the background says, "When that kid grows up, he will ride the pussy!"
>And someone else says, "Nah, when that kid grows up he'll be an autistic rollercoaster!"
>And then someone finally picks the baby off of the wobbly car.


Actually my emotions (>>1314) were founded, I cried because someone killed my grandma in that dream, and laughed at a friend's silly joke in the other. I would've laughed IWL too.

Overall, looks like some emotions override sleep paralysis, or they show up right after you wake up and can move your body.

I remember one about people doing fun commentaries too, a band was playing and one guy on stage was a used-to-be-shy guy. Someone near me said that that guy was "out of the bread". I asked him what that meant, he said that the guy stopped being shy and that's like freeing yourself from being trapped inside a loaf of bread.


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This might be the first time I remember something akin to a "creative expression" and it actually makes sense when I wake up... Somewhat

I dreamed about attending a conference or thesis defense. Suddenly I realized as he was speaking that i was sitting next to Georges W. Bush. He spoke in French fluently, and told a pun that goes like this :

«Si ma femme m'ennuyait, je la battrai, etcetera (elle se taira)»

«If my wife bothered me, I'll beat it, etc. (which sounds a tad like "she will shut up" in French")»

I laughed heartily. I was the only one in the room chuckling after he finished. Then he stood, we shook hands and he leaved the room.


GNO, not really laughing, but I did one night wake up screaming "WHOOOOORE, WHOOOOOORE!" at some woman I saw in my dream.