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Does anyone else have extremely crazy dreams all the time? Mine are just so profound with tons of things going on. Very very weird too. I have never heard a description of another person's dream that comes close to my normal ones.

Last night i had one having to do with demons and wizards, school life, two human sized meat grinders, bruce willis, self-aware living tumors, reincarnation, marriage, breathtakingly large flying creatures and sports. This was all tied together into a cohesive plot and everything made perfect sense at the time.

When i was younger my dreams were more mundane, but got increasingly weirder as time went on. Now it is very rare to have a dream that isn't off the wall. I love them and would not like it any other way, but i'm curious to see if anyone else has dreams like mine.


Did you saw any relation (in the slightest) to stuff happening in your everyday life? Even if it's metaphorical?

My dreams tend to be everyday Stufe happening Like " a friend comes into my room and says: It's dusty you should vacuum. I answer: Yes I should."

Or weird stuff with a bit of Kind of cartoony gore… Ill describe more later but im at my phone right now.


I'm honestly jealous of you guys, since I usually dream of normal things such as eating a good dish, smoking weed and being weirded out from not getting any effect, brushing my teeth and feeling like they are still dirty, etc.


Not all the time, no. But I had one recently. Two mornings ago, I turned off my alarms and slept in some (don’t work, and I have online classes this quarter.) I had some amazing dreams. One was my dad talking about something. I don’t exactly remember what.

But the second! The setting was a rather large meadow, that was surrounded by evergreen trees. In the middle of the meadow was a little house, and against the front of the house was a cement pad, like, after you stepped down from the front of the porch. I was standing on the cement. I looked over to one side, and I could see that a forest fire was there, and that the fire was coming towards me in the meadow (slowly for some reason; like fire ever really moves slowly, jej).
All I could think of was burning strips of grass all around the cement pad and the house, so that the fire wouldn’t have enough fuel to burn right up close to where I was. I remember looking up after doing that, and seeing that the fire wasn’t too far off. I knew that if I ran off of the cement pad towards the other end of the woods where there wasn’t fire that I wouldn’t survive. I don’t know why, though. The cement pad wasn’t very large, and I also thought (thinking inside of a dream is really strange, BTW) that it would be like I was in an oven, but the flames would be the walls. Then suddenly I noticed a potted tree next to my porch that I hadn’t noticed before. So, seeing that it was green, I went and stood behind it, hoping that it would shield me from some of the heat (obviously the me inside of my dreams isn’t the best thinking; standing behind a potential source of fuel for the fire).
After standing there for a minute, sort of half crouching, I looked out, and the fire was gone, and the whole area was sort of dim, and a light rain/strong mist was falling. To me, the last part was the most interesting of the whole dream. It wasn’t dark, nor was it light. It was a bit on the darker side, though. And I was safe, and it was all damp. That image was in my mind as I woke up. Looking towards where the fire had been, and still seeing the trees standing, even though they had been burned. And the grass was there, too. It was like no fire had ever been there.


Sounds really comfy. With that awesome rain smell.

I try to find metaphors in them all of the time but usually can't. The only correlation my dreams have to real life is that if i am stressed out there will always be a time in my dream where i can't complete the simplest of tasks.

A good example would be when i had this very long dream. It was way, way far in the future. I was extremely poor and unbathed in a desert-like town, and i seemed to be about 17. I barely slept because i needed to protect my decent sized shack from break-ins. Everyone crowded around this one TV in town because most were either broken or stolen. There I saw a military commercial, and this led me to work my way through the ranks and become a captain of a starship.

But a few times during the dream i couldnt piss because the urinals were too high. I mean i was blowing up fuarrrking rebel supply depots and earning military medals but i had to stand on my toes to pee. Things like this happen when i am stressed. Driving, shaving, ripping paper or any other mundane task id sometimes just very time consuming and annoying when im dreaming.


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>It was way, way far in the future
>i seemed to be about 17
Highly sophisticated 3 year old detected! Go back to bed!

Either that, or show me your time machine, NOW!
Polite sage. Because I am kind in Present Day, Present Time! AHAHAHAHAHA!


I do. Love them.


I recently dreamed I was on a little carnival ride like the slow moving ones at Disney World that pass by dioramas and the like, except to the right of our train was a massive IMAX screen showing a 3D movie which looked entirely real. A huge space ship appeared on the screen which was like a cruise liner only in space, and a massive volley of plasma bolts erupted from the side of our train striking the civilian ship, reminiscent of cannons on a pirate vessel of old. Passengers including families with small children leaped out into empty space to escape the horror on board. Then our train continued on with the ride.

Does that count?


What if i came back in time while in my late 20's after living my ripe teenage years in the future?

Sounds about right. A few times i had some that weren't in english. Just a bunch of grotesque soykaf speaking in some unknown tongue. Was more like watching a movie, i wasn't in the dream. Though i could kind of 'feel' what they were trying to talk about sometimes.


I think its because me and you, Op, have creative minds and we consume a lot of fiction.

I have this dreams sometimes and i am never me on then. The weird thing is that everything makes perfect sense at the time, just like you.
It's like i incarnate someones body and have a momentousness memory of the character i am, all in other dimension where our logic does not applies.
If someone is interested, i can relate some dreams, i have a dream diary.
(Sorry for grammatical errors, English it's not my native language)


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More often than not. Although lately I've had an increasing amount of connections to my waking life in them which were painfully clear on the reasons, weren't metaphorical or trying to be subtle.

Mine are usually weird and crazy in a more abstract sense. What really annoys me about it is that I can't even get close to grasping them in words. Thus why my dream journal lacks half of the possible entries.

If the dream involves any story or easily describable events I can write it down but even then it doesn't do it any justice. I'd say it's because I'm just an illiterate dumnut but I don't know. I think it's also partly caused by the haziness of them and my occasionally poor recall. I can't put some of my weirdest dreams into any kinds of sensible sentences.

I'm actually learning drawing and stuff mostly in hopes that one day I'll be able to illustrate my dreams in some way.

Sure, do post.


I think I had some really vivid dreams when I was either in my late high school years or early college, enough to convince me to have a dream journal on Notepad for a while. I don't think I saved the file but I remember one of the highlights being that I had to escape the complicated labryinth of a house suspended over a bottomless pit while Enrico Pucci from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (which I was reading at the time) was trying to stop me.


I have dreams that are vivid, but their craziness varies (I do not read fiction).

Months ago, I had this memorable dream: I was inside of a clean, modern house typical of a North American suburb. The windows all had their blinds drawn, and I had seen some movement outside the house. Looking out the window, I saw a middle aged lady near the front porch. Then, she started moving around the perimeter of the house. From inside, I could see her shape as she passed by the curtained windows.

Suddenly, I heard a noise, and I turned around. There was a large figure with no visible face and black robes standing in the doorway to the room I was in. I stared at it for a second in shock, and then decided to attack, and charged at the figure. I then awoke in a panic. It was thrilling and terrifying.

Last month, I had a dream where I was on a large ship that was capsizing. I was on deck, and was holding on for dear life as the ship sank. I lost my backpack with my computer inside in the water. Then, a massive whale came out of the water and jumped over the sinking ship. I saw it go right over my head and then back into the water on the other side.

Last night, I dreamt of being in a gun fight with a 12 guage pump action that had a 20-shell magazine or something. I was originally caught in the middle of a gunfight, weaponless, when I happened upon the shotgun. I realized that I was at a great angle and was unnoticed, so I quickly familiarized myself with the gun, came out of cover, and started shooting. The whole time, it was incredibly tense. I was hyper-focused. After I took a bad guy down, I would go up and shoot him at a closer range to make sure they didn't wake up and kill me. After I dispatched them all, I was ecstatic. I started confronting passer-bys and explaining what I just did with excitement. I woke up feeling exhilarated.

Thanks for reading about my dreams


I'm sure I do but I have a hard time remembering them. Two days ago my alarm woke me up but I went back to sleep. The short time I was sleeping I dreamt I was in the back of a pickup truck with a bed cover speeding down a street a mile away from my house. A friend and my girlfriend (I don't have one, I just had one in my dream) were in the cab while another car was trying to ram us off the road, or it was just being very aggressive. We turned a corner and there was a giant brown bear. Not like comically Godzilla tier giant, but just abnormally big enough, like a small car, that you lose your soykaf. We swerved around him and ran off the road into the badlands area (that in real life is miles and miles away from that area). We all got out because we though the car was coming back. The end is blurry but I remember moving up to the driver side door and getting in while I watched another bear, a black bear, moving closer to my friends and the other car. I was debating whether to drive off or not, to save my life or risk it trying to save theirs.


All my dreams just involve future events. Always had that inkling but after I started my journal I'm noticing more and more .
e.g 4 months ago I dreamed about the roommate I hadn't met yet watching him play a game I didn't know existed at the time as we listened to some video game tournament

So they're not really crazy, but when I get something highly specific right I freak out in real life
its probably a mental illness


I had to sleep just now and met a nice brunette with blue eyes and tattoos who was selling her car, that was smaller than a retro mini, for 90 quid.

I dream all the time and have some fermented skate liver oil, which is meant to de-calcify your pineal gland, so I have them even more even tho I had them all the time anyway.


My dreams are always nonsense that maintain continuity for about five minutes (it feels like) before switching to something totally different. Like last night I had a dream where I was driving down a freeway recklessly to go to another neighborhood, which coincidentally had the entire landmass of Scotland on it. I feel like my nightmares are my only dreams that make sense, since they have to have something that is comprehensible enough to shock me.