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Anyone ever have experience being tickled in their dreams? it is never something I would compare to being tickled in real life. Its almost like being shot with a stun gun, the sensation is magnified to the point of not even being able to move when feeling it. I absolutely hate it and was plagued with dreams involving it as a child. Now whenever my dreams decide to act up I go almost lucid and wake myself up before anything else can be done.

Anyone know how to fight back against this soykaf in their dreams or to prevent it from happening in the first place? I know dreams can somewhat be programmable but I also know that they can be unpredictable too.

pic unrelated.


you need some way to tell if you're in a dream, I think. That way, you can realize what's happening and change things to protect yourself.


>tickled in dreams
Could you clarify the context? As in, could you explain what were usually the events leading up to a situation like that?