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What a dream with LSD Want to Say ?


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Go to sleep lainon



Choose one, lain.


what happens if you sleep while on LSD?


You die a slow, painful and colourful death.


Nothing, it's just that you can't sleep.


suppose a sleeping person is given LSD through a drop of water in that big, snoring mouth.


it wont affect their dreams. they will wake up sooner than if they weren't dosed, and will wake up tripping. that is all.

ive fallen asleep while coming down on LSD, and even that is hard to accomplish. the reason you cannot sleep on LSD is because as well as being a hallucinogen it also works as a stimulant on your central nervous system. its like trying to sleep on speed.

ive also dosed someone with LSD while they were asleep after they requested it. they did not dream. as far as i know, most people don't seem to dream if they're asleep with LSD in their system.

if you want crazy dreams, take melatonin.
if you want to trip balls, take LSD.

btw - you probably could've googled this.. :/


I fell asleep coming down after taking a fuarrrkton of etizolam, didn't have any dreams either. I do however remember dreaming while coming down from 2C-E or I (can't remember which, also with etizolam) and I dreamed of floating through my backyard and suddenly was hit with an incredible shot of euphoria.

Also huperzine a and galantamine are best drugs for dreams in addition to melatonin.



LIES, I have allegorical evidence that you can pass out on it. I have and my dreams were like floating through a trans-dimentional portal into the world of crystal diamond fractal everything.


when I took valium while tripping I fell asleep and had extremely vivid dreams, but my memory of them left me very quickly -- im sure because your sober brain can't hod onto lsd type thoughts. I saw a friend once fall asleep while tripping and on nothing else so I'm sure it depends on the person.


That sounds rather interesting, I'd love for you to elaborate on these experiences.


I think you meant anecdotal